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today was good. emma wrote all my over my pants in cool designs. it looks aweeesome with a capital A. i just got home. me & ashley went to the northshore athletic club to check it out and it's wicked nice. we're both gunna get memberships as soon as we can so we can go & start working out every day after school, it should be swell. ;) james & i havent hung out in awhile, actually, it's been 2 days but whose counting? hhmmm. he went to go work out with ryan today @ his house since he has like a freaking Gym in his basment :) what a lucky duck. hah it's going to be so awesome when we start working out.. hah me & ashley were saying how we're just going to like sit in the saunas and sit in the jacuzzis and not even do anything. haha im so excited mwhahaha. yeah so to totally change the subject completely: my french teacher is literally a witch. she fucking hates me, today she screamed at me! but thats nothing new, i really had to go to the bathroom & she said no and i was like FUCK THIS MAN. god damn foreigners. !!! There was a fight today @ lunch. FUNNY shit. it was between two girls and it was the stupidest thing i've ever seen. ew. fucking fat ugly people fighting, so not a good sight. :p i've got allergies again. that sucks major ass. what else is new?mmmkay i'll be going :o)
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We're going to have so much fun. We're gonna look wicked hot after we get in shape. Not saying we aren't now, just we'll be hotter. Well I have to go assist that damn baby. But I love you :) MUAH!
Aww that damn baby.. good luck 2nite, try not to throw it into a river lol!
yes we will loook sooo hot. hah.
when are you going to pay? I want to go like tomorrow lol.
Me too :) LoL. I hated that damn thing.