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soo yeah

so, ashley + i were talking about junior prom today at my house before we went to the gym, lol, it's gunna cost so much but it'll be worth it but yeah: 45 bucks for tickets, 55-60 each for the limo + a dress...hmm..lotsa money.. but it's okay we're gunna have so much fun before AND after the prom, lol, we said how weshould go thru a drivethru or something lol, it'd be great :) i'm gunna help james pay for a lil bit of everything. anyways, today was fun i went to the gym with ashley, we got a good workout + i think my mom is taking me down to suntan studio so i can get a monthly pass thingy for tanning.. so i can be a nice color for the Prom :o) soo that should be good also..uh yeah soo my belly button is getting red, i hate this part where it;s like red forever..ugh..ha im watching the simpsons, it's wicked funny... yeah nothing to write about.. i really need to go to the gym more often, i feel very good,... okay gotta go read maybe or something byebye :)
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