mandapanda (emosparkle) wrote,

youve got this silly way of keeping me on the edge of my seat...

heart day was good.. james took me out to dinner :) We were gonna go to Bisuteki (it's a japenese place where the cook your food at the table, u know? Like in beverly hills ninja..) Anyways, we got to there, it's in revere so we drove kinda far in a lot of traffic, we get there and they said we couldn't get in without a reservation because it's valentines day & everyone was there, so we drove all the way to Revere for nothing...grrr.. so we had to drive all the way back trying to find places, we drove around forever and then finally we're like ok whatever, lets just go to China Jade, it was fun, we got right in we didn't have to wait, once we sat down EVERYONE started coming in.. we got the same 4' tall chinese lady who we couldnt even understand at ALL.. we had her the LAST TIME we went which was during the summer with ryan and when we were paying she stood there watching us count our money.. uhh...freak.! so when she came over we're like omg, we had that look on our faces, it was great. the food was good, but the service SUCKED. she brought my white rice like 20 minutes late :( i was pissed... we saw jon alcorn! he came over and said hey, he was there for his parents anniversary, nice kid.. :) then we saw james's friend and his girlffriend, it was fun, everyone probably thought we were crazy cause we were laughing so much and make funny faces the whole time... it was fun! then we went to rent a movie.. we got changing lanes? and we saw marc pages.. we talked to this lady in the video store and she wanted to know how james got his plugs it was funny..& he told her about his tattoos and she goes "what do you have..." i go "nothing..." and i got embarrassed cause james said some other stuff, i dont remember.. but he was like "aww did i embarrass you!" i go YES! lol... THEN we went back to his house, his parents were out ;) so we hung out in his room for awhile, then his parents came home around 830, we hung around for a bit, then ate more chinese, then put in the movie, i fell asleep till 1045! AH. i missed the whole movie lol.. whatever.. i was so tired, he woke me up and took me home around 11 :) i was so tired, it was a fun night though :) I have the bestest boyfriend in the world :o) MUAH xox.
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