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When will i ever need biology? hm..

I have finals this week, it kinda sucks cause Biology is extremely hard for me & I really need to do good on this final :\ I think i'll be fine, i've been studying a lot this weekend, in like, little increments so i don't get too overwhelmed so I should be okay :) i woke up at 630 this morning & i'm not sure why, but whatever, i think i sleep TOO much.. is that possible? lol.. so ashley sent me an e-mail about this show in NJ, it's called Skate & Surf Fest? Anyone heard of it? She wants to go & so do I, the bands playing are so good, I need to see TBS again, the 1st time I saw them i left early because it was a school night and they didn't go on til like 11 so that sucks :o( I think it's during April vaca so i should be able to go if I can get james to drive us down there maybe.. for a day? or two? hm.. i'm broke so that doesn't help.. lol.. aww i'm stuck, give me ideas.. :] last night i went home early, like 10:00 early bummer but james & i were so tired we actually fell asleep @ his house and woke up at like 950 :o) so on the way from him taking me home we saw marc & they followed us so we stopped in a parking lot & ellen got out lol & she was with anika..they jump in the car & try to start it and stuff but they can't because it's a standard lol so i'm like OK PUT YOUR FOOT ON THE CLUTCH AND BRAKE, it was funny because the car wouldn't start either because it sucks or ellen didn;'t have her foot on the clutch & brake lol.. we actually started going but we stalled haha it was silly, i've been driving a lot lately, im getting better & better,.. i really need my effing license like sooooon! if all goes well i should have it by May 13th :o) Yay for me! ok im hungry so ttyl
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