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i got my waterfall today..e ww.... i hate it, wicked bad pains & stuff.. *shoot me* emma and amanda.. we always get them like right after each other hah, weird. :\ hehe.. anyways, yesterday iiiiiiiiii dont remember what I did, oh i went out to dinner with my mom and dad, it was yummy then i came home at 630 and james picked me u[ and we went to barnes and nobles i wanted to get a book but there was sooo many i didnt know what to choose, plus i have no money really :o( then afterwards we went to best buy/compusa and the imac store to look at computer shit.. so boring, then we we to the roller palace to get his lil brother and we saw kyle :o) then we left and i went home at 1030 and went online blahh then went to bed at 1130.. oday im going to soem random place far away to look at a car... oph i got a job at my moms work.. 8.50 or something an hour, i should have a car by the end of junior/beginning of senior year.. what kind should i get? hmm... i want something cute, and somehting that can run good in all types of weather.. ahh yes..ok gotta go im leaving now.. wicked early but whatever, i woke up at 7 this morning *shoot me* okay byebybye
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